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Thursday, January 15, 2015

December 2014 Blue Ridge Brewers Meeting

Blue Ridge Brewers Association
               Summary Dec. 13th 2014
Field To Taps
  The 6 row barley planted last year by Jeff Jennings was harvested, cleaned and malted by Barry Woods of Wood Ridge Farms in Louisa County. Yield was @ 750 lbs. There is @ 200- 250 lbs. that will be sold for @ $ 1.00/lb to the group members, and $1.25 to non-group members. Discussed was the possibility of group field trips to other brewers and developing an association brewery. The group is working with Liz Lewis from L.D.I. (Luray Downtown Initiative) about the possibility.
 The group also welcomed new members, David Good and Kathy Mikus, as well as a local “Santa” and his helper, who paid a visit. Ho-Ho-Ho.   Thanks to everyone for the holiday goodies to munch on with our craft beer.
Brews presented
Charlie- Sol Mexican Beer
This pilsner style beer had a very light and clear- amber color with a slightly sweet taste-definitely a summer beer that will pair with a fresh fruit platter.
Chris-Farmhouse Ale
This Belgian style ale that was aged this past summer presented a creamy head, a light clear amber color with a somewhat sweet taste. It had a slight sweet/tart aftertaste. This brew should be drunk with soft, salty pretzels and/or apples of all kinds.
Kevin- Lavender Saison
Dried lavender flowers were added to this all grain brew at the end of the brewing. Belgian yeast was used in the process also. It had a light amber color with a pleasant earthy, herbal taste and a light sweet after taste. Pair this with  lamb, rice pilaf and other Mediterranean - spiced  vegetable and meat dishes.
Chris- Turbo Cougar from Devils Backbone
This summer lager had a medium amber color with a smooth light taste. The after taste had a slight bite. Bring this brew on a picnic.
Dan-Honey Brown
A combination of 5 malts and honey were used to create this dark amber colored brew that had a slight chocolate and blackberry sweet taste balanced with a hoppy taste. This should be paired with peppered foods as well as cream or custards desserts.
Charlie- Dos Equis Winter Bach
This brew had a pleasant beginning and aftertaste and a medium dark amber color. It can be paired with cheese plates or drunk by itself.
Tim-Smoked Porter
The smooth smoky presenting taste came from smoked barley. This medium dark amber colored brew had a chocolate caramel aftertaste. It would pair well with roast beef, potatoes and vegetables, just be sure to add garlic to the beef.
Chris-Pumpkin Porter
This brew had a clear dark amber color with a slight sweet presenting taste and a mild spicy after taste. Pair with anything that has raisins and nuts, especially quick breads.
Dan- Whiskey Barrel Porter
Bourbon was used to give this brew a slight whiskey and smooth taste with a slightly sweet after taste. It also had a nice creamy head. Use this porter with pork dishes, schnitzel and potato pancakes.
Tim-Sam Adams Belgian Stout
23 ingredients were used to create this chocolate and sour tasting brew. It presented with a creamy head and clear dark amber color. Pair this with salty foods. It’s an acquired taste brew.
Kevin-Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout
Chocolate malt, cinnamon and Ancho pepper were used in the brewing of this clear, dark amber colored stout. Presenting and after taste were deep and slightly sweet. Beside Mexican(not Tex-Mex) foods, pair with raisin, dates and dark plum foods.
Kevin-Local Cider
6 bushels of apples and Belgian sugar were used to produce this cider that had a sweet, tart and slightly apple taste.  It had an alcohol level of@ 8-9 %. Pair with cabbage dishes, soft cheeses and salty caramel foods.
Carl & Laura (another new member)-Brew L
This medium dark amber colored brew had a crispy, balanced malty and hoppy taste. The after taste was a little bitter. Just sip this brew or pair with light somewhat sweet foods.
Carl & Laura-Brew M
This brew had a medium amber clear color with a mild flowery and bitter orange presenting taste. The after taste was pleasantly hoppy. Drink with sugar cookies and vegetable dishes that contain carrots.
The group plans to decide shortly, what their long term objectives will be and what is needed to reach them.

Sharron Burgess, recording secretary